Our services cover bridal showers, weddings,  birthday parties, graduations, business fairs, company outreaches, and more. These services are both indoor and outdoor. Contact us to book a shot for your upcoming event. We create storylines and images to bring the highlights of your special events to life and make lasting impressions. 

We create memories by picking those small details and making them live, we ensure your special day is fully covered and your memories kept alive. we Achieve all our client's work in our depository and keep them for 5 years.

We have a very big team with enough gadgets to cater for more than 6 events that could be placed on a single day or an event that needs a big number of photographers. Our team will frame moments to become unforgettable as you lean back and focus on enjoying the event at the moment.

Deliveries can be made in both softcopy and hardcopy, we value our clients and try by all means to leave them happy, our professional photographers will take you through some of the best poses that will attract attention in the world, and our prices range from $5 and above.


Our Services

  • Photography
  • Video Graphy
  • Graphics Design
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Entrepreneurship Skills